The student asks the Master, 'What is love?' 'The total absence of fear', the Master replies. 'What is it we fear?', the students ask. 'Love', says the Master.

Stephanie Dowrick in her book the Universal heart:

  • When you perceive how inevitably self-respect and self-esteem follow your positive demonstrations of care for others, aggression loosens its hold.
  • When you dare to state clearly what you need or want, without demanding that your needs are met, aggression loosens its hold.
  • When you can raise your energy through what delights, exhilerates and pleases you, agression looses its hold.
  • Change speeds up too when a sense of mortality is added. Our time on this earth is fleeting. Is this the way you want to spend it?

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  • Borsthaar is niet meer in
    GRONINGEN - Het mannelijke borsthaar heeft zijn beste tijd gehad. Steeds meer mannen melden zich bij ontharingscentra voor een laserbehandeling om de haren op hun borst te laten verwijderen.
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  • Vrouw vast in brievenbus
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  • Olifant breekt huis af terwijl bewoner slaapt
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